How To Use Video Marketing Strategies 
To Attract Clients and Get More Cases

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Straight From The Desk Of 
Ken Hardison, PILMMA Founder

Dear Fellow Attorney,
I want to introduce you to TWO Video experts:
Gene Ramos and Patrick Anderson -- who have developed several innovative Video Marketing Strategies that help lawyers bring in more cases...
Geno and Patrick have developed these strategies while working with attorneys in our PILMMA Mastermind groups. I think you'll agree that their approach is a powerful way to automate the process of creating persuasive videos that attract NEW clients and get MORE referrals from past clients. 

And it's something that I have not seen anyone else do.

I invite you to learn more and listen to an in-depth interview, where I was able to get them to share their most closely guarded secrets.

Believe me -- this is some stuff that'll knock your socks off. 
Ken Hardison
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